Ecology and Environment programme

Graduates of the programme are fully qualified non-degree specialist in the field of environment and its protection. The program trains and educates not only narrowly specialized experts in nature and forest protection, but also specialists that are able to practically use their knowledge in various areas (protected areas of nature,

national parks, local authorities’ environmental departments, inspections, waste disposal). Students have the option to obtain a car and tractor driving licence and firearms certificate. At the end of the programme students take high-school graduation exam which is at the same time a higher exam in game management. As part of the programme students attend a skiing course and sport course and visit a European country. Extracurricular activities include hunting horn playing, game luring, falconry, beekeeping, taxidermy and cynology.

  • 16-01-M/01 Ecology and Environment
  • 4-year graduation programme

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