Forestry - DiS degree programme

Three-year programme with final exam leading to DiS degree. Specialized courses provide a knowledge base that enables students to form their professional point of view in the fields of forestry ecology and biology. These courses teach students to understand the laws of nature and support new ways of forestry and landscape forming.

Graduates are able to resolve various forestry issues as well as environmental and landscape forming issues in a complex way and with regards to the national and European legislation. Furthermore, they are able to contribute to environmental education of both children and adults in their community. Practical training takes place in ÚHÚL Brandýs nad Labem and in various forest districts administered by Lesy ČR s. p. The DiS programmes are accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

  • 41-32-N/01 Forestry
  • 3-year DiS degree programme

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